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Consider Hosting an Author or Speaker at the 2012 OELMA Conference

The 2012 OELMA Conference is just two weeks away. Consider serving as a host for an author or speaker. Debbie Reynolds, Local Arrangements, created a handy Host Guide. Here are some of her tips: 1) You are their troubleshooter – when their technology goes wrong contact Kalahari tech support; 2) You are their assistant – help distribute handouts, evaluations, etc.; 3) You are their opening act – ask the presenter if they would like you to introduce them; 4) You are their care giver – work out with the presenter when you need to give them the “high sign” for 10 or 5 minute warning; 5) Most of all you are their gracious host and greet everyone who enters with a smile and a welcome. As Debbie says this responsibility can be very enjoyable and educational especially if you’re able to have some one-on-one time. So when your Conference Chair, Susan Yutzey, sends out the request for session hosts later this week, don’t be shy!