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OELMA welcomes new board members on January 1.

Congratulations to the following who have been elected as OELMA’s new board members: 
• Susan Yutzey as President
• Jennifer Flaherty as Vice President
• Sheila Campbell as Secretary
• Christina Dorr as Central Region Director 2014
• Annette Lang as East Region Director 2014
• Angela Maxwell as Northeast Region Director 2014
• Debbie Reynolds as Northwest Region Director 2014
• Trent Roberts as South Region Director 2014
• David Hogan as West Region Director 2014

Returning Board Members include:

• Sue Subel as Immediate Past President
• Rebecca Tabor Pollock as Central Region Director 2013
• Angela Wojtecki as East Region Director 2013
• Victoria Karakasis as Northeast Region Director 2013
• Connie Carnicom as Northwest Region Director 2013
• Rebecca Vasilakis as South Region Director 2013
• Emily Rozmus as West Region Director 2013


and finally a huge thank you to members that are leaving the board:

Krista Taracuk

Laura Piazza

Marcia Young

Linda Locker

Angie Stitzel