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OELMA Central Region Session – INFOhio’s Go: Ask! Act! Achieve!

Trish Baker, INFOhio ICoach, Media Services Coordinator for the Licking Area Computer Association and recipient of the 2012 Spence White Service Award, presented a session on Go! INFOhio: Ask! Act! Achieve! If you wonder how school library media specialists fit into the Common Core, Ms. Baker briefly explored the English Language Arts Standards and the Literacy Standards that call for an increase in the amount of research including short and frequent projects, citing sources, gathering relevant information from multiple print and digital sources, and drawing evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research. Using this as her stepping stone, Ms. Baker walked us through the steps of each category. With the student in mind, ASK, helps them get started with the right questions. In ACT, students get help in finding and organizing information and in ACHIEVE, students get help in creating and presenting the results of their research. Ms. Baker took us live to demonstrate some of the tools that are available to students such as the Research Project Calculator, the videos, and interactive PDFs. Laura Piazza, school library media specialist at Upper Arlington High School, demonstrated how she introduced Go! to her 9th grade students and the data she collected about what Go! tools students felt were the most helpful to them in each category. Great session! Great discussion! Thanks Laura and Rebecca for bringing us Trish Baker and this informative session.