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Reach out for inspiration-the world is @ your fingertips

About a month ago, I was contacted by Ancilla Gorter, Catalogue and Content Manager at SWETS, a content management company based in The Netherlands.  Ancilla was interested in information about the OELMA journal, The Ohio Media Spectrum, which I sent to her.  It got me thinking about how you never know who your audience might be.  Granted SWETS is interested in marketing its products, but it brought an awareness that we can look to the world for new ideas and inspiration, not just to our region.  The International Association of School Librarianship ( is an international forum for promoting effective school library media programs as viable instruments in the educational process. Officers of IASL come from all over the world.  Ten Regional Directors represent IASL geographically around the globe and their contact information is available to all of us at  And best of all, I found a link to Student Learning Through Ohio School Libraries on our OELMA website cited on the IASL website.