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Ohio eTech 2013 Wrap-Up

The Ohio eTech conference was one of the best conferences I have attended! It was so great to see so many fellow Ohio school librarians present, such as our own OELMA President Susan! I wanted to provide a few take-aways in this posting (of course I could go on and on though). I will stick to five to keep it short and sweet although it was jam-packed with information! Here are some interesting sessions I attended: 

1. A Bring-Your-Own-Device how-to session: This was very helpful to hear how one district, North Canton City Schools, was able to to make thier HS BYOD. They made a fun video for the students prior to unveiling the new plan as a way to get the students informed and excited!

2. Some free web tools (you may or may not know about): (fun),, Pixton (comic book creator),, and Symbaloo (cool design for website icons). 

3.   How to make your own eBooks (on the iPad) Great site from Univ. of Akron’s Jeremy Brueck

4. App Smackdown and Encienda sessions–our upcoming annual conference will do a similar activity so stay tuned for more information on this! Short and timed information from a variety of people…it will be great fun!

5. Buffy Hamilton’s session—Personal Learning Networks (school librarians are very good at this). She included ways to build our own PLN’s such as:

Ning, blogs, online journals

  • Tweet chat
  • Facebook
  • Storify
  • Slideshare
  • Curations/
  • Social bookmarking–diigo
  • Pinterest
  • Photosharing-Flickr
  • Skype
  • Google hangout
  • Free webinars, connected learning and the future of education

Hope you can use one or more of these ideas in your own schools, and once again, professional development such as these is truly vital to keep school librarians’ careers relevant and vital in our students lives! Those of you attending our Mindwinter conference in March–I will try to bring all my notes to share more as well if you are interested! 

Thanks for reading!