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Paperless classrooms–learning in the cloud

A recent thread on the OELMA listserv highlights the popularity of creating paperless classrooms. Students e-mail homework to teachers and save their papers in “the cloud” for group projects; teachers are grading digitally, using iPads and tablet computers; administrators are cutting spending on sets of books for English classes and other disciplines, demanding that classrooms become completely digital; Granted, cloud computing allows teachers and learners to access applications and other useful tools for free, but is a completely paperless classroom an effective learning environment? And how secure is student data in “the cloud?” How do parents respond to this trend? Some intriguing articles about this are: How Does ‘The Cloud’ Affect Student Privacy Compliance? ( and Going Paperless in the Classroom. Grades 9-12. Scholastic. What are your favorite paperless tools? What problems have you encountered?