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Annual Reports, Budgets, and Administrators…Oh My!

Today I met with my principal to review the library’s proposed budget for next year. I prepared a sample budget, brought usage reports for  the services we offer, and used Follett’s Titlewise Analysis to easily create graphs (much prettier than my SIRSI reports…).  My boss is an experienced administrator, but new to our school, so the budgeting meeting was new to her. She was appreciate of the rationales I offered, and thanked me for taking the initiative to plan the meeting. I left with full confidence that at the district level, she would support the budget I proposed, because she understood it. I am lucky to be in only one building, with the time to build a relationship with one administrator, but I wonder about all of our varied expereinces. This meeting did wonders to advocate for the needs of the library and the students and staff that utilize it. Now, we have a meeting scheduled for mid May to review an annual report I will create. She suggested that I invite our curriculum director! I am curious about your experiences and the processes you use for budgeting/ reporting to your administrator.