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I’m Glad I Said Yes…to the Dress?

  Last year I was approached with the opportunity to run for the South Region Director position for the upcoming academic year.  At first I was a hesitant to the idea for obvious reasons.  Being the only certified librarian in my district, did I really want to take on another responsibility?  Did I have the time to undertake, what I assume, are numerous tasks affiliated with the position?  After considering the opportunity and the pros/cons, I reluctantly said “yes” to placing my name on the ballot.  Looking back upon my imaginary list titled, That Was a Good Call, I find that it falls squarely between my red suede pants purchase from Express (nothing can top those) and watching TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress with my wife.  Don’t judge, after watching about a dozen of them one starts to become addicted.  In all seriousness, serving on the OELMA Board was one of the better things I decided to do this past year.  Why you ask? Well, here is why to name a few:

1.     Opportunity to have my voice heard on topics and issues that I’m passionate about concerning our profession.  There are numerous subcommittees within the organization for which I’m able to become affiliated.  

2.      Networking and connecting with some of the top librarians throughout the state.  I love to hear what others are doing and see how my district can either imitate or interconnect with others.

3.     Serving on the board is a great way for me to grow as a leader.  Our profession demands us to be leaders, not only in our libraries, but within our school environment as technology specialists, information literacy extraordinaire, and so on.  On top of that, the new teacher evaluations have elements of professional development for which I will be evaluated on and I want make it abundantly clear that I am pushing myself to be the best I can be!

4.     Chance to channel my creative ideas with others.  It seems like I have lots of ideas and often they fall on deaf ears or require more than just my two arms and legs.  Serving on the board I’m able to communicate these ideas with others with the possibility of bringing them to fruition! 

5.     To help serve the needs of others in our profession throughout the state.  Our profession is built on the idea of customer service, evident by all the different hats we wear (or red suede pants in my case) to serve the needs of our districts. It only makes sense that I take that need to serve and apply it to you…my fellow librarians by serving on the OELMA board committee!

     Now if any of these reasons above apply to you I urge you to contact your current Region Board member and tell them that you want to have your name placed on the board committee nomination ballot!  I know there are still directors positions open for the Northeast, Northwest, East, and West regions so if your district is located in one of these areas I double dog dare you to submit your name for consideration.  That’s right…I just DARED you!  Again, it has been one of the best things I’ve agreed to in the past year and I know that many of you have the same passion that I have for our amazing profession.  So why not put your name in the running?  Why not have something new to add to your That Was a Good Call list or whatever you call it?  Express no longer has those red suede pants in stock so go for the next best thing…serving on the OELMA board committee!