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Looking for electronic resources?

This August I began my first year as a certified library media specialist.  I oversee the Learning Commons library and media center at Jackson Memorial Middle School in Massillon (Stark County).  One of the priorities of my administration was to modernize the library and to integrate technology and 21st century skills into teaching and learning.  I had previously served as a teacher of intructional technology in my school, so I was excited to step up to the challenge.  

 DiigoOne of my first orders of business was to create an online repository of digital resources for my faculty and students. I established a Diigo account, which allowed me to bookmark resources online as I came across them.  Diigo is handy because it allows me to create categories for my resources, and it generates a public URL that I can share with my faculty and students.  I have embedded my Diigo feed onto my school website and have also included a link for anyone to browse through my resources.  Additionally, Diigo offers extensions for web browsers that allow you to quickly bookmark resources with the click of a button.  Whenever I am surfing the web on Google Chrome, I’ve got a handy Diigo button at the top of the browser by the address bar.  I click it and instantly add the resource to my Diigo library.

Rather than keeping my Diigo feed a secret in my school district, I thought I would throw it out there and share it with the wider community.  Feel free to bookmark it yourself or follow me in your Diigo network.  There are resources for all subject areas.  They can be found on the right side of my Diigo page, under my Public Lists.  The largest category by far is Information and Communication Technology, which showcases the latest and greatest resources for instructional technology.  I hope you find it useful.  Here is my Diigo link:

Feel free to contact me if you would like to follow up on this blog entry if you’d like to discuss digital resources for education.

Andrew Robitaille

Information and Media Specialist

Jackson Memorial Middle School

Massillon, Ohio

Twitter:  jmmsrobitaille