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Augmented Reality for your Media Center!

What’s your Aura? 

Looking to add some life to your book displays? Now images and book covers can come to life! 


Using a new app called Aurasma, students can use their smart devices (hold their smart  phones over a picture or book cover) and “see a video” over the image! The picture triggers a video to play.  The new technology is a free to use tool and blows students away! 


I recently used Aura’s in my students end of the year “Apex” poster project. The task for the students was to create a poster that represented all that they learned over the year. Students had created many interactive online portfolios, videos and animations. Students used a screenshot of their project and then created an “Aurasma” When visitors arrived to view their posters, they used ipods and smart phones and people could see their videos! It was a bit of a “wow that is just like Harry Potter” moment!  


Uses I can see for the Aurasmas in the classroom:


  • A get to know me – a photo of yourself or staff member, can launch a short video introduction. 

  • Book reviews – you can create short book trailers that can be launched by scanning the cover. 

  • Help Screens – constantly reminding staff or students on a procedure for using an item? Create a video tutorial. 

  • Some Math / Science teachers are creating short training videos based on images or sample problems in text book or on a worksheet. 

  • Add a video version of directions to a worksheet. 

  • Please share your ideas in our comments below1 

Add some “wow” factor to your media center! Create an aurasma today! 

*note in order to view your aurasmas, students must download the  free Aurasma app and then “follow” your channel. I created a generic account that all my students used to log in and create Aurasma’s on – then people only had to “follow” our 1 student account. 


If you would like to try my sample Aurasma above, please download the Aurasma app to a smart device (android or apple).  After installing the app, search for “Bio-Med Student’s Channel” (look this up via the search magnifying icon) – you will then be able to hold your phone over the image to launch the video  (note does not work on all monitor screens – works better in print)  Also we learned the images work better if in color. 


Ted video :,d.aWc


Aurasma Studio – an online tool to create Auramsa (do not need to do on computer can be made 100% on mobile device.

Great tutorials and more information from Two Guys and some ipads.


Happy creating! 
Annette Lang

Bio-Med Science Academy