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In the past, all literacies have been in support of print…now the many new literacies have value in themselves.

This was the overriding theme voiced by Frank Baker and Bill Kist during their “full house” workshop last Wednesday titled “Media Literacies Meet New Literacies.”  Participants were treated to a day packed with both theory and practice on the changing face of literacies, the changing modes of learning, and how we, as media specialists, can meet the challenges with students every day as we all navigate the muddy waters of media.  Just a few of the definitions I walked away with are:

media literacy — both the analysis and CREATION of all types of media

transliteracy — ability to read, write, and think across multiple literacies

close reading — includes both observation and evidence collecting in all types of media

Both Frank and Bill shared many tools and strategies that can be found on their websites:

Frank’s slide share:

Bill’s website: