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Trying to Findaway

Findaway World is a librarian’s dream- a business where people are passionate about reading and learning. And it looks like I imagine Google would- fun colors, workplace graffiti on the walls, hipster staff…  Now in my third year developing an elementary library collection, I am devoting more focus to ebooks and audiobooks. Our district is launcing Overdrive this month! After a focus group visit to Findaway World (a local business, just like Overdrive- Go Ohio!), I will be adding some Playaways (no more lost or damaged CDs, or struggling to find a CD player) and new Playaway Book Packs (books and playaways packaged together and aligned to the Common Core). My hope is that listening centers will be updated, mulitple formats will appeal to multiple intelligences, and the formats will increase differentiation and enrichment opportunities for staff and students. Arrgh…now to make the right collection choices within a limited budget.