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Digital Citizenship: Who Teaches It and When?

Thank you Frank Baker for sharing Cable in the Classroom’s free standards-based lesson that can be used to teach such key concepts as cyberbullying, media literacy, ethics/copyright, information literacy, privacy, communication and collaboration.  Reading Frank’s e-mail begs the question: Who should teach digital citizenship? When should it be taught?  The fact is digital citizenship is not a one time discussion nor should it be taught solely by the school librarian.  The digital world is changing so rapidly that it is difficult for everyone to keep up to date with the trends; however, that does not mean that we can hide our head in the sand and expect it to go away.  Digital citizenship is an ongoing process that needs to be taught by all grade levels and to all stakeholders.  As Holly Clark of Edudemic said “Our students are like cowboys living in the wild wild west.  Without any guidelines or structure they can get in a lot of trouble.”  Her article includes five ways you can guide your students to become better digital citizens, who will learn how to build their digital presence in a positive and productive way.  Here is the link to the article – How to Tackle Digital Citzenship During the First 5 Days of School.