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2nd and 7 Foundation Receives OELMA 2013 Literacy Leader Award

The 2nd and 7 Foundation received OELMA’s first Literacy Leader Award for its efforts in Ohio and across the nation for their work promoting literacy among economically disadvantaged children and their communities. The Tackle Illiteracy program in which student-athletes from universities and high schools visit schools each week, reading to kids, handing out books, and reminding the 2nd graders why reading is so important. They also use the themes in the Hog Mollies books to reiterate valuable life lessons. Thanks to the efforts of sponsors, volunteers, and the people out reading in the schools, the 2nd and 7 Foundation reaches thousands of students each year. In April 2013, Susan Yutzey and Sue Subel worked with AASL Region 3 Affiliate Assembly to nominate the 2nd and 7 Foundation for its contribution to literacy. In June at ALA, Susan and Sue learned that the 2nd and 7 Foundation was one of ten organizations to receive an AASL Statement of Commendation. Visit the OELMA Facebook page to see a photo of the presentation to Ryan Miller, co-founder of the Foundation, and Amy Hoying, Program Director of the Foundation and co-author of the Hog Mollies books.