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SLJ Leadership Summit Austin, TX September 28 and 29

This past weekend, Susan and I were fortunate enough to be invited to the SLJ Leadership Summit in Austin, Texas. We put our own “pennies” together and said, “Yes! Let’s go”! It was well worth it. The theme for the session was Transformation Through Effective Collaboration. Our husbands will be glad to know that our money was well spent as we were in constant amazement from Saturday morning until Sunday at noon when we had to leave! Here is just but a small portion of the stimulation our brains received:


**Speaking of brains, our keynote speaker was Annie Murphy Paul author of a book that will be published in April, Brilliant, The New Science of Smart. Her keynote focused on the cognitive science of “interest” and the huge role it plays in learning. According to Paul, “New reserach in cognitive science, psychology, and neuroscience is revealing simple and surprising techniques that can help us learn to be smarter.” Here is a link to the website for her new book:


**Members of the Vancouver, Washington schools find teacher librarians at “…the core of school and district leadership”! Administrators of this district shared how teacher librarians can bring their expertise to district initiatives. One principal even compared the role of the school librarian to her own. Both deal with all of the students, all of the staff, have a budget, direct a program and more! Wouldn’t you like to work for that principal??


**Storytelling in Transition blew our minds away. From the author of Chopsticks to the creative minds behind Moonbot studios our adventure in visual storytelling was amazing. If you haven’t checked out the book, The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore and the accompanying app, Imag.N.O.Tron you have missed something special. This book and app take storytelling to a new level. A new book soon to be published, The Numberlys, already has an app available. These apps make the book incredibly interactive. Check for Moonbot apps in the App Store and find Moonbot at this link:


I hope that this gives you somewhat of the flavor of the SLJ Summit. It is a very unique experience. Yes, we did have conversations about the future of libraries…think library in a pocket! And, there was also a time to sign the Declaration for the Right to Libraries. Susan and I are “saving” our signatures for the signing at conference 2014!!