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OELMA Officers for 2014

Please join me in congratulating the OELMA members who will take office in 2014: Angela Wojtecki, President-elect; Lisa Prince Barnes (Treasurer); Liz Bode (Central Region); Kris Baker (East Region); Lori Guerrini (Northeast Region); Connie Carnicom (Northwest Region); Rebecca Vasilakis (South Region); Winnie Milner (West Region). Taking a leadership role in a professional organization enables you to build invaluable contacts at the state and national association level; learn to work in committees and chair meetings; and learn leadership skills (Glendenning & Gordon). In the high-pressure school environments in which we work, it’s sometimes difficult to imagine how we can “do one more thing.” How can we volunteer for our state association? How can we volunteer for that district curriculum committee? How can we volunteer for the school technology committee? I don’t profess to know the answer because for every person that “one more thing” is different. Just know that it is because of all those who volunteered before us, we have a professional association that we can be proud of. Thank you all for the work you do each and every day with students, teachers, administrators, and parents.