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Ohio School Librarians who laugh (oh, and share too)!

After an AMAZING 2013 OELMA Conference, and then taking all my notes, handouts, and other trinkets home and analyzing them all, I have come to the conclusion we are an AMAZING state of school librarians, all doing AMAZING THINGS! This got me thinking- we need to do more sharing and more often! And we need more laughter too!

OELMA is planning some great new local and state professional development opportunities, but I know we are all busy and may not be able to attend as often as we would hope! So, let’s take a break from all this Common Core, OTES, and technology news and have some fun and laughter at our very own bookshelves’ expense.

As often happens when left to my own devices—I had an epiphany. Well, kind of. It is based on the blog Awful Library Books at If you do not follow this blog, it takes librarians’ recent weeding attempts and documents the worst of the worst that are found on our bookshelves (and hopefully then said items are immediately removed). How about we have school librarians from the state (or any library in any state for that matter) send OELMA pictures of your AWFUL library books?! We can share, laugh, and even shake our heads in disbelief (we are at a computer, no one will know). I will document them in upcoming blogs on Only a few conditions:

1. Weed your books. Feel free to also peruse your local public library and make a donation to them by buying one of their awful books to share with us for the greater good!

2. Please cover up or cross out your library name on the book (we want you and your library to remain anonymous).

3. Please email me at a picture (or pictures) of books you find as you weed or clean that are simply AWFUL…and I will post them to the OELMA blog with 100% anonymity. I will only mention what state (if not OHIO) to show that our awesome OELMA blog has readers across the country. Need examples? Scroll down to see a few from a school librarian in Ohio…also check out for many!

Need some laughter and also some motivation to weed some books? Check the blog often, you never know what you might see!

This was found while weeding an Ohio HS Library…copyright 1988

teenage marriage

What about this slick title…? Copyright 1957 found in an Ohio school library in 2013.


And last but not least, this GEM was hidden in the back office of a school library in Ohio…now it’s time to shine!


Copyright 1983.