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Awful library books-Weeding them out…one shelf at a time!

I put out a call on the OELMA blog for those books that you weed from your collection that make you say HUH?!

Here are two of the submissions to keep you coming back from more. These are from a school librarian in Ohio:


the mechanical baby

Copyright 1979 (and appears to be worth some big money on Amazon)!  

…Because nothing says child raising like this awesome cover! 

color for men

Copyright 1987

From the inside flap:

Based on the same system that has already worked for millions of women, COLOR FOR MEN is foolproof and scientific and works for every part of a man’s wardrobe, from his business suit to his jogging suit. Using basic principles to understand the subtleties of skin, hair, and eye color, you match yourself to one of four seasonal palettes. Then you’ll discover which shades of color in clothes complement your natural coloring. COLOR FOR MEN is the complete wardrobe system no man afford to miss.
Need I say more?! 
If you have a book that you are weeding from your collection that makes you laugh, smile, or just plain say HUH?!-email me the image cover at and I will post to a future blog. You will remain 100% anonymous. Come on awesome Ohio school librarians: let’s spread the joy and laughter. 
Until next time…