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INFOhio Team of Schwelik, Geitgey, and Higgs-Horwell Publish in December’s Teacher Librarian

Looking for professional articles to read over the holiday break? How about checking out the latest Teacher Librarian issue? Turn to page 23 and read “INFOhio: Filling the Gap by Connecting Common Core State Standards and the School Library.” The authors examine the results of the 2010 Project Information Literacy survey and then speak to KSU’s TRAILS, as well as IMatrix, Go! INFOhio, and R4S. Other articles in this issue include those by Ross Todd, Melissa Jacobs-Israel and Heather Moorefield-Lang, Carol Doll, Christina A. Bentheim, Matthew Winner and Sherry Gick, and Jess Cloutier and Austin Taylor (9th grade students at Nokomis Regional High School). While you’re reading this issue check out page 7, the editors of Teacher Librarian welcome original manuscripts on any aspect of library services for children and young adults. Check you for information about author guidelines and submissions.