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More Weeded Titles…Holiday Edition!

 I had a few more emails over the last few weeks with some titles that I could not wait to post! With this busy time of year, and all the baking, wrapping, and shopping-let’s take a moment and say goodbye to the year 2013 as well as some of these books that Ohio school libraries no longer own: 


Sent from a school librarian in Ohio-this book can no longer be called “new” with a copyright of 1986! 

book of tap

The same school librarian shared this gem: copyright 1977. It is also listed for sale on Amazon for a steal of only $1.09! But the only review it has says, “Think before you buy.” 

Now we get into the Holiday genre: 
I know what I am doing over Winter break! How about you?

And of course, school librarians NEED this one in their personal library collection: 

With two long-haired cats living with me (Penelope and Lola May), I have plenty of supplies if anyone needs some! 

And just because a student emailed me recently asking me if I could purchase this unique title for our high school, I had to pass it on since it was so appropriate for this blog. And I do think the student was being serious by the way! 

And on behalf of OELMA’s regional directors and bloggers extraordinaires–we wish you and yours a VERY HAPPY HOLIDAY season…see you in 2014! 

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Keep your weeded titles coming to keep this blog alive-email me at! You and your school library will remain anonymous!