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2014 Conference Authors

This year’s author list for the OELMA conference includes 14 authors of all levels and genres. If you don’t know these names, the conference will give you a chance to share with your students and staff your familiarity of a variety of authors.

Authors Jody Casella and Mindy McGinnis were highlighted at the Ohioana Book Festival on Saturday, May 10th.  They presented a panel discussion entitled “First Editions: Young Adult.”  

Jody Casella’s debut book, Thin Space, is a paranormal fantasy that has received rave reviews from SLJ, Kirkus Reviews, and Booklist.  Mindy McGinnis’s book Not a Drop to Drink has been tapped for the 2015-2016 Choose to Read Ohio program. Her second book (a companion to the first book), In A Handful of Dust, will be forthcoming in September of this year.

Authors and illustrators for the conference include: on Friday = Emma Carlson Berne, Barbara Binns, Jenette and Christopher Canyon, Mary Kay Carson, Jody Casella, Susan Levine, and Marilyn Peterson Haddix.  On Saturday = Colleen Clayton, Chris Crutcher, Michele Jakubowski, Mindy McGinnis, Paul Orshoski, Jason Tharp, and Robin Yocum.  

Krista Taracuk, Conference Author Chair

Pictured below are: Mindy McGinnis (on left) with Not a Drop to Drink and Jody Casella (on right) with Thin Space