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ITIP Ohio’s Summit Featuring Google for Education

On Tuesday, May 13, I attended the Google Conference at Kalahari Convention Center.  As an exhibitor I met and talked with school librarians from across the state including: Angela Maxwell, Jen Flaherty, Julie Ungier, Shahnyn Moody-Benedict, Ellen Barnhizer, and Sarah Mowery.  I attended several sessions including one entitled Google Apps It’s Elementary.  Presenters Angela Maxwell and Shahnyn Moody-Benedict spoke to a full room of teachers, librarians and administrators about Google applications that can be adapted for teacher and librarian use in the school setting such as: reading records, technology requests, parent-teacher scheduling requests, behavior documentation, IEP data, exit slips and Google books.  In the second half of their presentation Maxwell described all the ways in which elementary-aged students can use Google applications for presentations, 4th grade historical mystery project, Native American history and pottery project, and much more.  It was a great session as well as a great opportunity for 

administrators and teachers to see how school librarians are leaders in their school districts in the application of Google in instruction and administration.