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OELMA List Serv Issue

Several email services have recently changed policies that may affect your listing on the OELMA listserv.  Specifically, this currently affects anyone with a Hotmail, Yahoo or AOL account, but others may follow.  The new policy means that although you will continue to receive listserv messages for the time being, each one will generate a “bounce-back” message to the list.  After 50 bounce-back messages, the list automatically removes an email address from the listserv (you will receive a message from the listserv when/if this happens).

There are a couple of ways to work around this.  You can submit a different email address to us for the listserv.  Gmail accounts don’t seem to be affectedso far, or if your school doesn’t filter listserv messages, we can use your school email address.  A second fix would be to switch your settings to digest mode, which would mean you would we receive one message a day, with links to all of the messages sent over the listserv that day.  To take either of these actions, simply complete our online form at