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What We Do-It’s About Relationship-Building!

I recently had a conversation with a fellow OELMA member who seemed very depressed over her current school library situation. While keeping her name and location completely anonymous, let’s just say after the conversation I thought to myself that there has to be a way to advocate for what we do through our daily work with students so that we are utilized as teachers and leaders as well as respected and supported as teacher librarians who are teachers first, then librarians.

 A few days later I picked up the August/September (2014) issue of Library Media Connection (LMC) and found an awesome infographic poster by Naomi Bates, teacher librarian at Northwest HS in Justin, Texas. On page 45, I became enlightened. It is titled TL Tasklist: What We Do with the subheading of “Our profession does many things, both seen and unseen, that impact education and campuses across the nation. Here is a sampling of what an effective teacher librarian does.” There are MANY tasks on this tasklist Naomi provided, so I present to you another challenge (because I love this)—think about your tasks every day and start sharing them with teachers, principals, Board members, community members, parents, PTA groups, and local media. We do SO much—let’s start sharing with those stakeholders who may have little to no knowledge what we really DO! Build those relationships and keep building them with student achievement as the foundation!

 This “sampling” is awesome. I encourage all of you to check out this infographic and post in your library. If you are planning to attend our annual conference on October 23-25th, LMC is donating a copy of the magazine for every registrant-so you will have a copy if they donate the August/September issue at conference!