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October is Information Literacy Awareness Month and You Can Play a Part

Do you know that October is Information Literacy Awareness Month?  In 2012, Governor Kasich proclaimed October as Information Literacy Month and Ohio joined 18 other states in an endeavor to raise awareness about what it means to be information literate.  His proclamation set out to “remind all citizens of the importance of the role of all libraries and librarians – academic, public, school and special – in teaching information literacy, which fosters educational opportunities, economic prosperity, social cohesion, democracy, and quality of life.”  Okay, so it’s Information Literacy Month – just one more month on the calendar.  Well, OELMA is making it easy for you to spread the word about Information Literacy Awareness Month to your community and in so doing informing them about the role of the school librarian.  Here’s how it works – Sue Subel and I have crafted five editorials one for each week in October.  Feel free to edit them and sign your name, position and school.  Now here’s the cool part…. If your local newspaper publishes the editorial or perhaps your local television news channel or radio station gets wind of your information literacy awareness campaign, we want to hear about it!  Send the link to me at .  When your editorial gets published, you get to pick a prize from the books, t-shirts, and makerspace items I’ve displayed on Glogster –

No excuses!  It’s a win win as they say.  Watch for more information in your e-mail.