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Why am I going to Conference this year? Hmmm…Where do I start??

1.  To attend great PD sessions

2.  To hear many great Ohio authors speak and get books autographed

3.  To learn how I can make an even greater impact in my building and district

4.  To be exposed to new technology tools

5.  To network and trade ideas

6.  To congratulate award winners

7.  To find out what OELMA has accomplished for me this year

8.  To learn how to best connect with and teach the new Ohio Learning Standards

9.  To discover more about the changes in testing and how I can make a difference

10.  To peruse the vendors and what they have to offer

11.  To see how others are changing their Media Center spaces

12.  And of course to see friends and colleagues that are moving and shaking the Ohio Media Center World!