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New Year, New Experiences-Welcome 2015!

I was on Facebook recently and came across this quote above on one of the librarian pages I follow. I loved it. I loved it so much I am blogging about this amazing quote from Allen Smith (thanks, Allen wherever you are).

I am very fortunate to have found a career where everything I do is work-related. For example, when I went to England two summers ago, I soaked up as much knowledge and history as I possibly could for two weeks and share information with others all the time about the trip and how it was one of the best experiences. My husband often laughs at me when I want to stop and take pictures of public libraries when visiting his brother in Colorado (they have very cool, log-cabin looking libraries).  I even visited a working prison library this summer in Las Vegas (talk about experiences) simply to know how they compare to other libraries. I know many other librarians who would prefer visiting a bookstore or library instead of a taking a tour of a city or museum. This phenomenon I have termed “a librarian geek-out trip, or LGOT for short” We geek-out about books, places that house books, all things literature, author histories, world histories involving books, books famous historians have touched, and even big and small bookstores!

When going on a librarian geek-out trip (LGOT), I always make a point to share with those working that I am a school librarian…and PROUD of it! You see, many of those working in these places really LIKE librarians of all kinds, and sometime there are perks of the job when you tell people what you do for a career. An example of this is when I wore a librarian-themed t-shirt (yes, we all have them) in a hotel at Put-in-Bay last summer and as I was checking out and the man behind the counter asked if I really was a librarian-to which I said, yes-I am a school librarian! He then said “wait just a minute”…and came back with a photocopied comic strip of a librarian that he said is one of his all-time favorites. He wanted me to keep it since I was a real librarian. He added, “just know that I totally appreciate all the things librarians like you do for us.” I still have that comic hanging in my office at school and think kindly about the man who eagerly gave it to me.

As we enter 2015, I wanted to share with you this quote and offer this advice for the new year. Experiences make us better librarians, teachers, and even leaders. Every experience has a lesson that we can take with us and can help transform our students and library environments if you let it. Be open to experiences and you never know what you will walk away with. It may be a comic strip, a few pictures you posted on Instagram, a memory you will cherish, or it may even be more important-it may just help make you a better person. Now who wants to join me on a LGOT?!

 On behalf of OELMA’s Board of Directors–HAVE A WONDERFUL 2015!