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Announcing 2015 OELMA Committees!

We had our first OELMA Board Meeting of the year yesterday and announced our upcoming committee members as part of the meeting. It is important to have active committees in order to help OELMA sustain a membership community as well as a professional network of learning and growth. We were fortunate to have Sarah Thornbery, Advocacy Committee Chair, Jessica Klinker, Membership Chair, and Sue Subel, Budget and Finance Committee Chair present at the meeting to help our Board integrate our Strategic Plan with each of the committees. In addition to these committees (which any OELMA member is welcome to volunteer with), we also announced our 2015 Nominating Committee and Scholarship Awards Committee. Please see their names below and if you happen to see them at an upcoming OELMA or school library-related event, please thank them for their service to the organization. Their sacrifice of time help OELMA remain a constant in the world of changing school libraries in Ohio. 

Nominating Committee:The role of the Nominating Committee is to prepare a slate of candidates for each office to be filled.  The Nominating Committee is composed of one OELMA member from each geographic region, including a Chair. The OELMA President appoints the Nominating Committee. 

Members of the 2015 Nominating Committee are: 

Stephanie Raub (East) and Chair of Committee

Ashley Lambacher (Central)

Jen Flaherty (Northeast)

Nanette Wingrove (West)

Melissa Higgs-Horwell (South)

Connie Carnicom (Northwest)

Scholarship and Awards Committee: 

The role of the Scholarship and Awards Committee is to implement the criteria for awarding scholarships and other awards of the Association; to oversee the number and dollar amounts of the scholarships and awards to be presented as approved by the Board; and to submit a budget to cover the Committee’s expenses.

Members of the 2015 Scholarship & Awards Committee are:  

Michelle Lombardi (Co-Chair)

Christina Dorr(Co-chair)

Susan Yutzey (Immediate Past President)

Cheryl Lorsen(Central)

Betsey Lee  (Northeast)

Jill Burkett (East), 

Lisa Campbell (South)

and Cynthia VanWey  (Northwest)

Also, meet our 2015 OELMA Board-we had a photo-op at the meeting (because we just had to)! If you are interested in serving on any committees int he future, please let any member of our Board or Committees know-we need you and welcome you!