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Nominate exceptional colleagues for OELMA’s recently added awards

Do you know a librarian who excels at teaching technology skills? How about a colleague who incorporates original technology lessons into instruction? Nominate him or her for OELMA’s Information Technology Innovation Award. This is your opportunity to showcase the many different ways you and your colleagues use technology to enhance your teaching.  
The Information Technology Innovation Award recognizes school librarians who design, develop, and implement innovative uses of technology in instruction. This award spotlights the importance of emerging technologies in supporting student learning. Nominees will submit a digital video file that demonstrates an innovative technology lesson plan in action. 
Don’t forget to be on the lookout for community organizations that support literacy programs to reinforce student learning. These organizations are eligible for OELMA’s Literacy Leader Award. This award honors community members or organizations that demonstrate a strong, ongoing commitment to developing literacy through educational programming and/or grassroots literacy program implementation. Nominate deserving candidates today.
Want to find out more? Have questions about the application process? 
Check out complete award descriptions and the application form at OELMA’s Scholarship & Awards page:

Submit applications to OELMA’s office or online by Tuesday, April 1st