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Why Christina “Hearts” OELMA

This week, we will hear from Dr. Christina Dorr, winner of the 2014 Leadership in Action Award about why she loves being a member of OELMA.

I am inspired by Christina’s video to think: “Do I know a school librarian that might benefit from the friendships and professional networking OELMA offers?” If your answer is YES, consider inviting that person to one of our upcoming events:

·        Innovative Learning Spaces EduConference– March 14, 2015, Rootstown, Ohio

·        Assessment Ready: Collaborations to Increase Student Achievement –  April 18, 2015 – Hilliard, Ohio

·        Any of your Regional meetings (check for updated offerings)

 Also, remember to submit your own short video telling us Why You HEART OELMA!  We are going to use submissions to create membership and advocacy materials. Send your videos to

*Not Ready to be a Movie Star?  E-mail your comments in writing, so that they can be used in our print promotional items.

Thanks for everything, OELMA,

 Jessica Klinker

Proud Member Since 2006