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Upcoming Event: Ohio’s Interlibrary Unconference

Please consider attending and sharing this collaborative library experience:


All for Un: Ohio’s Interlibrary Unconference

Join Librarians from around the State to share and develop engaging learning experiences for fellow library professionals and library patrons
Join academic, public, school, and special librarians and share programming ideas and practices at All for Un: Ohio’s Interlibrary Unconference on Wednesday, April 15th at 1:30 p.m. at the State Library of Ohio’s Boardroom, 274 East First Avenue, Suite 100, Columbus, Ohio.  Registration is open at  The Unconference is a free event.

An “unconference” is a participant-guided learning opportunity that encourages peer networking and audience participation.  Ohio librarians in different sectors don’t have frequent opportunities to collaborate on meeting the learning needs of their patrons. The unconference will serve as an opportunity to peer teach among library colleagues, providing a forum for librarians to collaborate on creating engaging and empowering learning experiences for their users.

All for Un will be directly followed by an optional social starting at at the Little Rock Bar, 944 North 4th Street, Columbus, Ohio. 

All for Un: Ohio’s Interlibrary Unconference is a project of the Empowering and Engaging Learning Experiences committee of 2014’s Library Leadership Ohio, a leadership institute sponsored by the State Library of Ohio and OHIONET, and the Ohio Library Council. 

If you are able, please consider joining us!  If at all possible, please forward to other interested parties.  Thanks in advance for your support!  Like us on Facebook, too

 Thanks to OELMA Member and UnConference planning team member Gail Greenberg for this news!