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Most of us are all (or close to) that glorious season we call: summer! I always think every year will get easier closing up my libraries at the end of the school year and getting ready for summer, but inevitably, there is never enough time to get done everything I aim to complete. “Well, there is always August and those extended days…” I think to myself. I am sure I am not alone in this lack of time as we close our libraries after another busy year of checkouts, trainings, lessons, activities, projects, collaborations, and never-ending technology troubleshooting.

 To kick-off summer, I thought I would make a comedic, yet semi-accurate, top 10 list—on the topic of:


 10.    Catch up on sleep-or at least try to! No more 5:30a.m. alarm going off, and is anything more wonderful than a leisurely cup of hot coffee to start the day?

 9.    Clean the home office. Let’s face it: our home offices looks like a tornado hit them by the time June rolls around. Stacks of post-its, notes, and lists cover my desk most of the school year. Summer is my time to get them all cleaned up and organized-just in time to start the paper disaster all over in August!

 8.    Professional development—conferences for school librarians such as ALA, ISTE, Summer Symposiums (NEO-RLS), INFOhio Bootcamp, and the OWL workshop (OELMA- created) are all opportunities to get in the KNOW and stay current with topics and trends. P.S. Did you register for AASL in November?

 7.    Clean out emails. Personally, I LOVE this activity because de-cluttering my email inbox and designated “work” folders is one of my favorite things to do! I love knowing that my inbox only contains what it needs to-and the work email is taking a much-needed vacation too-most of the time.

 6.    Travel. Many of us take our talents to other locations such as beaches, famous U.S. landmarks, Disney parks, other countries, and out-of-state family homes to visit and take some time to just breathe and relax. This is important for all of us-even a day trip where you don’t have to look at your phone or watch can be one of the best days all year!

 5.    Meeting up with those other school librarians friends. I love summer because it allows me to get together with my friends that are as equally, if not more, busy as me during the school year. Grab a lunch, spend the afternoon at a bookstore, or go swimming—any of these activities sound wonderful when you are able to catch up with those long-lost librarian friends and just talk about fun non-work related things!

 4.    Read just for FUN. We love reading all year round-yes, but being able to pick ANY book from the pile of “summer reading” and just sit and read is priceless. Reading a non-YA title (that’s my audience at school) while sipping on some lemonade in my sunroom on a lazy afternoon is basically my idea of a perfect vacation!

 3.    Binge watch television/movies. Maybe it is just me (sorry if you don’t do this), but I enjoy spending a few hours/days/weeks? (don’t judge) and totally unplug watching some television or movies via Netflix or other streaming service. I am able to get all caught up on certain shows that I cannot stay awake for during the school year (see #10 for reference on that). I like to also watch movies that others always talk about all school year long but due to TIME, am unable to watch/stay awake to finish. Also- I do need to re-watch those classics such as You’ve Got Mail and The Notebook. Be sure to ask Susan Yutzey about her recommendation of Hallmark movies if you are in the need of some exciting, new movies to watch!

 2.    Get ideas for the next school year. I am always thinking about ideas to get my library the place to be for my students. Whether I am on Pinterest, Etsy, or just reading some online articles-there are great ideas out there when leisurely surfing the web. Even though we aren’t working officially—we really always are thinking about work (or is it just me)?

 1.     Re-charge those mental batteries with some laughter, fun, and relaxation! Let’s face it-all school year we are non-stop working, planning, and working some more. Summer is our time to unwind and relax a little-and have some out of school FUN! I am really looking forward to no one interrupting me asking a “quick question” which then turns into an all-day quest for assistance. I love not having a to-do list a mile long.  I also look forward to those lazy summer days of not having to rush home to take care of something around the house or join after-school webinar. I am sure all of us will do some form of “library work” over the summer, but at least we know we have several weeks of summer to sit back, read a book or two or ten, and just be. Enjoy your summer school librarians-you definitely deserve it!