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One Members Efforts to Prevent the Loss of Certified School Library Positions

Recently, in NE Ohio an OELMA member, Michele Kuhar, announced that she was retiring. Soon she learned that her certified library position, along with two others, might not be replaced! Not wanting to be “shushed” Michele took action. Please read her statement and then peruse the handout and PowerPoint she created to address her Board of Education.

Michele: “Four years ago I was the district media coordinator. They discontinued that position. Three years ago I was transferred to a middle school after 12 years at the high school. They didn’t replace me there- it is managed by two paraprofessionals. This year the three of us who are certified media specialists at the middle schools decided to retire. I could see the writing on the wall (so to speak) so decided to organize some people to present the importance of certified LMS in the schools. Cherie Pandora and Holly Bunt agreed to help me, plus we had testimonials from a community member, a high school teacher and a former student. Our teachers’ union was very supportive and made some good suggestions as well.”


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