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Finding Your Niche in Librarianship

One of the things we all love about being school librarians is that we never know what is going to walk through the door.  The problem is we can’t be an expert at everything.  Some of us really love the book end of the job, others the tech.  Hopefully we are all in it for the kids and customer service otherwise we will some day end up being that old librarian shushing people in the corner who just needs to retire.

 If these last few years have taught me anything they have taught me to focus on the parts of the job I enjoy and learn the parts I am less knowledgeable in.  I personally love the book end of the job.  It has inspired me to genrefy not one, but two middle school libraries in two years and while the second school will come back to a newly organized media center, the first one loves the changes.  Now ask me if I’m friends with Google and that’s a different story.  Add the fact that my school is a Google school and sometimes we are not even on speaking terms.  But technology is a huge part of my job so I attend workshops and find assistance online to improve our relationship (honestly, I don’t work this hard on my marriage and I’ve been happily married for 25 years).

 On those days when Google gets me down, I think of all the good I have done with student literacy and that I do have technology knowledge to pass on with other programs and vendors.  So when friends are out there touting all the great things Google does, I’ve learned over time, not to point out what it can’t do.  I have learned, especially this year, my niche is somewhere else.  My niche is in my shelves and I am doing the best that I can on the shoe string budget that I have to build a dynamic collection for all of my students so their love of reading can spark and grow.  Reading is why I entered the field, it is my niche.