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Why Cheryl “Hearts” OELMA AND New Mentorship Opportunity

In this week’s video clip, the 2014 Follett School Solutions Award winner, Cheryl Cartwright, explains why she “Hearts” OELMA and how OELMA members have influenced her throughout her career:

 As you can see in Cheryl’s video, in the videos of other award winners we’ve seen so far, and in the ones we will be seeing in coming weeks, OELMA mentors have played a big role in inspiring these library leaders.  

 In its efforts to serve new members and reach out to colleagues just starting out in the profession, the OELMA Board and Membership Committee have decided to develop a list of OELMA members who are willing to be mentors to new members.  Sometimes, the listserv can be intimidating for a newbie, so having one person to reach out to first when you have a question can ease some anxiety while you’re trying new things and building your confidence. OELMA mentors will offer advice and encouragement to help our newest members during that transition.

 Our first step in starting these mentorship connections is creating a list of our experts who are willing to be mentors.  WE NEED YOU! If you are willing to be connected with a new member as a mentor, please email me at  Please include your name, school(s), grade levels you work with, your OELMA region, and contact information. 

 Thank you in advance for being willing to inspire out next generation of Library Leaders!