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Why Sarah “Hearts” OELMA

Our featured “I HEART OELMA” video this week is of Sarah Thornbery, a 2014 Leadership in Action Award winner:

As I listen to Sarah, I am again impressed by how OELMA role models reached out to her and encouraged her when she was starting out in library leadership, which helped inspire her to become the strong advocate for school librarians at the local, state, and national levels that she is today (Sarah is our current chair of OELMA Advocacy Committee and is also currently serving as the AASL Region 3 Director!).

 My challenge for each of you is to think about a school librarian you know who might just need that gentle nudge of encouragement to take on a new leadership role and let their talents shine! Consider nominating them to serve on the 2016 Board of Directors or nominating them for an award to honor their talents! Nominations for Board Members are open until April 10, 2015 and can be submitted to Kate Brunswick at  Award nominations are open until April 1, 2015. Find more information at


**Other 2014 award winners will continue to be featured over the next several weeks.**