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Uncle Sam Needs You!

Can you hear that?  Its way off in the distance but it sounds like it’s getting closer.  It sounds like its saying “I Need You to Place Your Name on the OELMA Ballot”.  Yep, I think that’s what its saying.  What should we do?  If you answered that last question with anything other than, “I need to place my name on the OELMA Board Ballot” then your answer is wrong!  You can’t blame it on the lack of knowledge on  how to Drag and Drop or the inability to use an equation editor…this isn’t the PARCC test.  This is cut and dry folks!  There’s no gray area.  Having served on the board myself, I now know the benefits of serving!  Networking and connecting with others, opportunities to speak up on different topics and issues relevant to the profession in Ohio, and growing as a leader in the field to just name a few.  Now it’s your turn to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity especially when OELMA needs its greatest minds the most!  I wouldn’t say we are in the darkest of times but I also wouldn’t say that we are in the best of times either…by a long shot.  I would say, and I imagine many of you would agree, that we are actually closer to the dark than the light unfortunately.  In order for our profession to stay relevant in the state we need OUR professional Organization (OELMA) to be strong.  In order for OELMA to be strong and meaningful we need our greatest minds, you, to put in a little extra work and serve.  It is not like I’m asking you to go all Bruce Willis on us and fly to a human splattering meteor and blow yourself to smithereens because you didn’t think of making an app for your phone to self-detonate the nuke from afar.  No, I’m asking you to go Billy Bob Thornton (pre or post Angelina Jolie…doesn’t matter) on us, serve on the board, and use your mind to come up with the best solutions to keep our profession relevant here in the great state of Ohio.  The good news is there’s a ton of you out there!  I see you all every time I attend conferences, a workshop, or on our listserv.  I see and hear about you folks all the time and everywhere!  Now we just need you to take the next step and be willing to put your great mind and ideas to use by placing your name the ballot.  Trust me, you will be glad you did and so will the rest us OELMA folks out here in libraryland! Oh, and don’t forget Uncle Sam too!