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A New Library…To me!

I started as the new district Library Media Specialist with Manchester Local Schools this fall. The high school library is a huge area and although I’m sure a number of you envy that, it sometimes comes with stress. The wall across from the circulation desk is one giant bulletin board. I wondered what I could do without having to cover the entire thing with paper. I resorted to borrowing someone else’s creativity. The YMCA in Cuyahoga Falls always has a very successful summer camp and some creative person made a tree, complete with leaves that they displayed during the camp. I thought about recreating it but realized that I probably wasn’t capable of making it look as good. I asked what they were going to do with it when camp ended…they were happy to give it someone that could use it! I think it turned out great. The custodian at Manchester High School gets credit for coming up with the wording.



The next thing I needed to tackle was the circulation desk. Like most of you, my library is very old and the desk has been there since the dawn of time…it seems! The bottom of the desk was peeling and it is a very light wood color…very boring.  Thank you to Pinterest. I found a wonderful, very modern looking white circulation desk that had what looked like a Wordle on the front of it. Not sure if it would work with my dated desk but I called up a friend that sells Simply Said and we decided to give it a go….I am very pleased with the results. Just goes to show you that you don’t need a lot of talent or money (I have neither) to update a space. Now to tackle my house….!!!