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Find your passion and share it with OELMA!!

I am working on my New Year’s resolutions.  My cornerstone for the year is JOY.  This will be the thread that runs through all of my choices for 2016.  I believe joy and passion are often found hand in hand, so PASSION is my theme.  I am passionate about the school library profession; and all it has to offer. Why should this this of interest to members of OELMA?  Because I am challenging you to find your passion.  My passion is three-fold, professional development, literacy and building community.  All three of which I find in our OELMA profession.  Not only that, but I find opportunities to learn from others and share what I’ve learned while working within the OELMA community.  OELMA has committees that need people, opportunities to share, and chances to learn.  Please share your passion with your OELMA community, we need you.  Email me if you are ready to be involved and have a passion to share:  I have a perfect spot for you!


Here are two quotes I will be hanging above my desk this year.  Do you have a quote you keep where you can always see it?  Please share it on our OELMA listserv.


Librarians are almost always very helpful and often almost absurdly knowledgeable. Their skills are probably very underestimated and largely underemployed.

–Charles Medawar


Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities.

–R. David Lankes