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Collaboration – That’s What It’s All About!

OELMA, State Library of Ohio, INFOhio, and the Ohio PTA formed a collaborative partnership two years ago to create Reading ‘Round the Clock.  As part of this powerful partnership, I have been privileged to work with Janet Ingraham-Dwyer (State Library of Ohio), Emily Rozmus (INFOhio), and Sue Owens (PTA) to create two dynamite products that you can share with your local PTA as well as teachers and administrators.  First, are the So You’re Parenting flyers available on the INFOhio website.  These handouts provide reading tips to help parents and caregivers of children pre-school through 3rd grade.  Second, are three videos entitled Reading on the Go, Reading for a Purpose, and Reading on the Screen.  The idea of these videos is to promote the idea that reading can happen anytime, anywhere!  Using local actors and locations, Janet, Emily, and I created the scripts and worked with TRUE Studio in Lewis Center to produce them.  The videos were made possible by a grant through the State Library of Ohio.  More information about these products will be sent out via the listserv in the coming weeks so stay tuned.