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Shelfari vs. Goodreads

This was one of the biggest debates when I was in library school.  I chose Shelfari for various reasons, mostly because I liked the look of it and my mentor used it also.  Goodreads social aspect didn’t (and still doesn’t) do much for me.  I have noticed over the years that more and more people seemed to be dropping the Goodreads name and not so much Shelfari anymore.  Even my library’s 50 Book Challenge moved to Goodreads this January!  So I began to ponder…Do I migrate to Goodreads?  I have close to 600 books stored in Shelfari – the process of moving them over is, let’s just say something I don’t even want to think about.

 Well, Amazon just made my decision for me.  Amazon is closing up Shelfari which it has owned since 2008 and moving on with Goodreads which it had acquired in 2013.   As I am writing this blog, my 580 books which currently are on my Shelfari shelf are being moved to my Goodreads shelf.  Now I won’t have to do it myself and I can rejoin my library’s 50 Book Challenge which is good since I have already read three books since the New Year started.

 Let’s meet on Goodreads – we’ll talk books.  It’s my favorite thing to do.