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New Board Positions for New Times

Have you ever thought of assuming a leadership role in OELMA?  Since an overwhelming majority of OELMA members voted to restructure the board, three exciting new director positions will open up for 2017.  No longer will geographic regions define our organization.  Instead, new competency-based positions (as recommended in Coerver and Byers’ Race for Relevance) will breathe new life into OELMA.  

Over the next two years, the twelve regional director positions will be phased out and replaced by six new directors, each of whom will serve a two year term as a liaison to a strategic committee.  We are currently looking for enthusiastic, qualified candidates to run for director liaison to the Awards, Communication, and Conference strategic committees.

Are you interested in working with the Scholarship and Awards subcommittee?  Run for the Awards Strategic Committee Director position, and help establish and carry out awards and scholarship procedures.

Perhaps you would prefer to work with the Library Promotions and Advocacy, Publications, and Technology subcommittees as the director of the Communication Strategic Committee.  Here, you would help establish and carry out communications and procedures.

If helping plan the conference is more up your alley, consider running for director of the Conference Strategic Committee.  This director will work with the Vice President and be responsible for the conference.  Many staff members help plan the conference, so rest assured that if you run for this position, you will have a lot of support.

In addition to the new director positions, two executive positions will open up next year:  Vice President and Secretary.  

The Vice President will serve a three year term (a year as Vice President, then as President, then as Past President) and will perform the duties of the president in the president’s absence or incapacity.  If elected to this office, you would also chair the Annual Conference held in conjunction with the Annual Membership Meeting.

If you would prefer to keep the minutes of all membership meetings and board meetings, consider running for a two year term as Secretary.  If elected, you would prepare and submit summaries of the meeting minutes for publication (in separate books provided for that purpose).

Regardless of their position, all board members take an active role in shaping our professional organization. Attending face-to-face meetings in January, May, October, and December and virtual meetings in March and August, submitting reports prior to board meetings, writing newsletter articles four times a year and blog posts three times a year, and performing other necessary duties determined by the board empowers board members to work together to shape OELMA’s present and future.

In 2018, the Treasurer, Operations Strategic Committee Director, Teaching and Learning Strategic Committee Director, and Regional Representation Strategic Committee Director positions will open up, providing members with even more opportunities to run for office.

However involved you are, we urge you to kick it up a notch.  In this time of great change for libraries, we are excited to help shape the reputation and future of our profession.  We must support each other, advocate, and constantly seek out new learning and networking opportunities.  

Please consider running for office since we need enthusiastic candidates to keep OELMA strong.  Look for the OELMA Candidate Profile for Election on the listserv sometime before this July, or contact Kate Brunswick at for more information.  Voting will take place this August.  We hope to see you on the ballot!