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Pre-Conference Clue #1

This is an important message from your Trent Roberts and Angela Wojtecki. We have received a mysterious message from a group calling themselves THE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF MIDI who are claiming to be OUR students from an alternate dimension. Their message states that somewhere in the early 21st century their ancestors failed to be educated in the tech tools they would need in order to prosper causing an irreparable decline in creativity, imagination, and many other vital traits needed for their future. Because of this, they believe today’s educators are their last hope in securing a new future where they have the ed tech tools needed in order to survive. They have since challenged us…YOU to prove that they are right and not all hope is lost. The challenge has been scheduled for OELMA Preconference, October 18, 2017, Doubletree Hotel, Worthington, Ohio. Details on how to accept this challenge and change the future of our students is coming as soon as we receive another transcript from this group. Finally, at the end of their message we received the strange piece of writing in the attached image:

We suggest you archive this message for comparison’s sake, should other messages be sent in the coming weeks.

If you should happen to discern any clues from this message, email Jessica Klinker at — The first one to detect something helpful will win something from the OELMA Prize Closet.