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OELMA’s 2017 Annual Conference Needs You!

By: Jessica Klinker, Director Liaison to Conference Strategic Committee

The Call for Presentation Proposals for the 2017 Annual Conference has been posted to the OELMA Conference website.

We need YOU!

The strength and beauty of OELMA is the breadth of knowledge and experiences our members share. The OELMA annual conference is at its best when we have passionate educators step up to share best practices and innovative strategies.

I presented for the first time at an OELMA Conference almost 10 years ago exactly, and many times since, and here are some things I have learned over the years:

  • It’s always more fun with a friend! Presenting with a colleague helps lessen the nerves and the workload. Find a colleague, partner up, and create a powerful presentation!

  • You DO have something to offer! It’s always easy to tell yourself that you don’t have anything original to offer. It’s not true! Think about what you enjoy most about your job — that probably is the aspect where we could most learn from you!

  • The professional growth is amazing! From resume building to evaluations, from collaborations with teachers in my building and district to networking with librarians across Ohio, presenting helps me grow professionally.

  • The discount really helps! Professional development funds in my district are tight, as they are most places. As a primary presenter, you get a discounted rate for full conference, which makes it easier for administrators to say YES when you ask for time and funds to attend OELMA annual conference.

We look forward to seeing YOUR presentation proposal this year. Proposals are due by April 15, 2017. Details and submission forms are available here.