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Lead Beyond the Library: Nominations are Open! What Does the Treasurer Do?

By: Susan Yutzey

Lead Beyond the Library is the Nominations Sub-committee’s theme for this year. Sub-committee members are: Kathy Aurigemma, Liz Deskins, Laura Franck, Nellie Schmidt, and Dana Wright. Beginning March 22, 2017, nominations are open for OELMA Board of Directors positions.  The following positions are open:  Vice President, Treasurer, Director Liaison to Operations, Director Liaison to Regional Representation, and the Director Liaison to Teaching & Learning.  The OELMA Candidate Profile Form is available here.

Each week we will highlight one of the positions here, on the OELMA blog.  As you look at the range of responsibilities, we’d like you to examine the leadership skills you’ve acquired in your building and in your district and think seriously about leading from beyond the library to challenge yourself.

What superpowers can you bring to the OELMA Board of Directors?

What does the OELMA Treasurer do?  The Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee along with the Vice-President, President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, and Director Representative to the Executive Committee.  The Treasurer serves a two-year term.  The Treasurer oversees and is responsible for the receipt, disbursement, and accounting of all funds of the Association; submits a written financial statement at each regular Board meeting and at the Annual Membership meeting (6 per year); chairs the Budget and Finance Sub-committee (sub-committee of the Operations Strategic Committee); presents the financial records for audit at least once a year; and performs such other duties as prescribed by the President and the Board of Directors.  

While understanding numbers and budgets is a strength, you work closely with our Director of Services, Lisa Kirr, who will help you every step of the way. Some past Treasurers of OELMA have included Jennifer Schwelik and Sue Subel.  Currently, Lisa Barnes Prince serves as the association’s Treasurer.  For more information contact a member of the Nominations Sub-committee.