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Lead Beyond the Library: What does the Director Liaison to Operations Do?

By: Kathy Aurigemma

Lead beyond the Library – what is your superpower? Do you like networking with people?  Do you like organizing things?  Are you detailed oriented?  Then check out the responsibilities of the Director Liaison to Operations.  This is the second of three new positions on the OELMA Board of Directors.  The Director Liaison to Operations serves a two-year term and works with the Archives, Budget and Finance, Bylaws and Policy, Membership, and Nominations sub-committees.  Operations is basically the nuts and bolts functions of the association and offers lots of opportunities to think outside the box – for example, now that OELMA stores all of its documents in the cloud – what implications does this have for our Archives?  What are the best practices for archives in the time of the cloud?  Other responsibilities include: 

By-laws, Archives, Budget and Finance

Maintain, monitor, and update the official records (Bylaws and policy), documents (archives, mission, vision, strategic plan), and financial health (budget and finance) associated with the governing of the Association.


Advises the Board on matters related to membership structure and dues; consults with Communication Strategic Committee to develop new member and promotional information about the Association (includes student website); consults with Regional Representation Strategic Committee about member promotion, concerns, etc.

Nominations/Leadership Development

Conducts nominations and elections in accordance with provisions in the By-laws of the Association; identifies and develops leadership within the Association

If you have questions, contact a member of the Nominations Sub-committee.  You’ll find the OELMA Candidate Profile Form -2017 here –