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Lead Beyond the Library: What Does the Vice President Do?

By: Laura Franck

Lead beyond the Library – what is your superpower?   Do you like planning and implementing professional development opportunities in your building or district?  Are you a lifelong learner who wants to get involved at the regional and national level?  Do you like networking with like-minded professionals?  Do you see yourself as a school library advocate?  Then check out the responsibilities of the Vice-President.  

If you’ve served on the Executive Board as Secretary or Treasurer or as a Director then you may be ready to assume this three-year commitment to the Board. The VP assumes the duties of the President in the event of absence or incapacity.  The VP serves as the Chair of the Annual Conference held in conjunction with the Annual Membership meeting.  The VP works closely with the Director Liaison to Conference, the Conference Committee, and the Director of Services, Lisa Kirr.  

Among the responsibilities of the VP are: submitting Board reports at each meeting (6); submitting Newsletter articles (4); works with Director of Services, Treasurer, and Budget and Finance Subcommittee to develop a conference budget; coordinates with the Director Liaison to Teaching & Learning to determine SLMS Competencies; works with the Director of Services to check the adequacy of space for exhibits, large and small meetings, parking and other accommodations; works with Director of Services to determine charges for exhibits, rooms, meals, registration, and other fees; works with the Director of Services to develop the conference program and reports preliminary plans to the Board at all Board meetings; works with the Director of Services, to check with speakers regarding such items as arrival and departure times and hotel arrangements so that proper planning can be made for meals, lodging and transportation; works with Director of Services on information concerning the program, speakers, and photos needed.  Arranges for the printing of the conference program and its distribution to registrants at the conference; arranges for letters of acknowledgement to be sent after the conference to program speakers, conference committee members, hotel personnel, and others who contributed to the success of the conference; attends at the Association’s expense and as the budget permits, statewide meetings/conferences and national conferences where continuity of representation is desirable; serves as member of Operations Strategic Committee; appoints chairs for strategic committees and special committees prior to taking office and subject to Board approval at the first Board meeting of the year. 

Some past Vice Presidents include: Sue Subel, Susan Yutzey, Jen Flaherty, Sarah Thornbery, Marie Sabol. The current VP is Deb Logan.

If you have questions, contact a member of the Nominations Subcommittee.  You’ll find the OELMA Candidate Profile Form -2017 here –