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Thinking About Next Year…

By: Lisa Barnes Prince, District Media Specialist/Manchester Local Schools

As the current OELMA treasurer, I have served two terms which means that it’s coming to an end December 2017. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Executive Board for OELMA, and encourage any of you future leaders to apply for the position. Don’t be nervous if you’re not a “numbers” person. I’m not either, I rely on Lisa Kirr to get the spreadsheet information to me and she does a fabulous job. I will miss the contact that I have with all of the OELMA folks when we go to our meetings in Columbus. They have truly energized my commitment to the profession and I always come away from the meetings with ideas to use in my library or with my staff.

Now for the main topic of this month’s blog: the role that I play in my school relating to technology. Although I have never really thought of myself as a technology expert, I was surprised at the knowledge that I do have when I started working for my district two years ago. I work for a very small, local school district and unfortunately, we are little behind when it comes to technology. This is the first school year that we are giving online AIR tests and most of the teachers and administrators are understandably nervous and apprehensive. The vice principal put together a group of teachers, including myself that are acting as test administrators and it appears to be going fine, thus far.

This is the time of the year that I start planning for next school year. I have tried to implement one to two new things in years past. I’ve been inspired for next school year to have monthly sessions for teachers in tech training. In the past, I thought this might be accomplished at monthly staff meetings but we have the quickest staff meetings they last approximately ten minutes. After considering my options, I have decided on the best time is during lunch hours. We have three of them and although I have been told by some teachers that they work through their lunch, I have decided to sweeten the pot by offering to provide desert if they will bring their lunch. I will let the teachers know approximately two weeks in advance what we will be talking about so that they can decide if it is worth their while to attend. I am also going to approach our curriculum director to see if I can possibly offer CEUs. We all know how frequently Google changes their tools and apps. INFOhio usually updates their site once or twice a school year as well. I also plan to showcase new books, ebooks and items that I bring into the library. In addition, I am exposed to a ton of new ideas that I am eager to share with teachers when I attend the OELMA conference, which by the way, will be held October 18-20 at the Doubletree-Columbus in Worthington. I hope to see a lot of you there! Meanwhile, if anybody out there in library land has any ideas for tech training sessions or would like to share what they do in their districts-I would appreciate the feedback.

Have a relaxing and happy summer everybody!