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Lead Beyond the Library: What does the Director Liaison to Regional Representation Do?

By: Dana Wright

Lead beyond the Library – what is your superpower?  Do you like planning and implementing professional development opportunities in your building or district? Do you like networking with like-minded professionals?  Then check out the responsibilities of the Director Liaison to Regional Representation.  The third of the three new positions on the Board of Directors, the Director Liaison is a two-year term.  When OELMA restructured its governance, many OELMA members were concerned about keeping those open lines of communication among the regions.  The Director Liaison to RR does just that – promotes and maintains communication with regions within Ohio in accordance with Board-approved policies.  This position allows for lots of creativity.  Here are some of the responsibilities we’ve identified as being crucial to this position:         

  • Consults with the Vice President, President, and Executive Director to identify OELMA members to serve as representatives that correspond to the ITC regions (
  • Consults with INFOhio and ITCs to develop a plan for regional representation,
  • Maintains communication with regional representatives about such issues as membership, the status of school libraries and librarians in region’s districts, etc.
  • Consults with Director Liaison to Operations (membership) about developing and implementing surveys to determine the status of school libraries.
  • Uses school library data to inform Director Liaison to Communication and Executive Committee about impending retirements, layoffs, etc. that affect the quality of school library programs in Ohio

If you have questions, contact a member of the Nominations Subcommittee.  You’ll find the OELMA Candidate Profile Form -2017 here –