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“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is playing in my brain, complete with images of parents happily gliding through office supply stores. (Thank you for the earworm, Staples!) Yes, we are all getting ready for a new school year (a few of us are there already) and what is more fun than shopping for cool tools in an office supply store? Fun!

This is also the time of year I start thinking about our annual OELMA conference. Instead of tossing school supplies into my imaginary “conference cart,” I find myself thinking about the many fun things I can choose from to do at conference. As a member of the conference planning team, I have already started to plan out my schedule. I will start with OELMA’s Pre Conference on October 18th. I have not only told my administration and some coworkers about this exciting and inexpensive event, I have told friends who work in other districts about Angela Wojtecki and Trent Robert’s creative BreakoutEDU challenge! After pre-conference, I will be looking forward to a new addition to OELMA’s conference, UnWind Wednesday. The After Hours committee is planning a relaxing evening to help us all relax and unwind as we network.

As I shop for conference must haves, attending Dr. Heather Moorefield-Lang’s keynote is next on my list. I know she will provide cutting edge information that will help me steer my new makerspace and efforts to integrate technology. All of Thursday will be filled with great sessions. After an always inspiring awards assembly, I will cap the day with another After Hours event. I can listen (or even tell stories) or I can get involved in the zany TASK Party.

After Annual Meeting on Friday, I am excited about hearing Robert Beatty’s keynote. My kids love his bestselling Seraphina series and it will be fun to take back information to them. In addition to selecting sessions for Friday, I can’t wait for the Demo Slam!

Just thinking about OELMA’s conference has me singing, “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” and my enthusiasm is contagious. I have talked to my administration and other teachers about our conference and several are going to attend. Registration is now open. Go to and decide how you are going to load your days at conference!